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1990 Callaway Twin-Turbo Corvette AeroBody #34

Taylor's latest red arrival is now sporting a 100 HP wet shot of Nitrous Oxide, along with the 10 psi of turbo boost the car now does a 12.6 quarter mile at Bandimere Speedway's altitude of about 5.6K feet. Newly installed is a belt harness with camera mount by Brey-Krause and red 5 point harnesses. 1996 black Grand Sport Calipers with crossdrilled vented rotors and stainless lines upgraded the already good J55 optioned brakes.
I had the ZF-6 transmission rebuilt with new bearings and syncros, added a stage 3 kevlar clutch, single mass billet flywheel and new rear main seal. The HEI ignition is upgraded with a MSD 6+ digital controller, MSD 8.5mm wires, MSD HEI coil and all new distributor internals.
The new exhaust has Random Tech 3" bullet cats, true dual exhaust with crossover and no mufflers.

With the NOS activated the car breaks the rear tires loose in the first four gears. There is nothing better than hooking it sideways at 80 mph. hehe.

Below are pictures of the new Grand Sport brake system.

Now, the installed nitrous system from NOS.


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